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    4 Ways being a Military Spouse has Trained You for Entrepreneurship

    Business Blast Off, New BusinessLauren KeplingerComment
    Being a military spouse makes you uniquely qualified to be an entrepreneur -- it is the hard and fast training required for running your own business. We'll talk 4 ways that being a military spouse prepares you for entrepreneurship, specifically selling on etsy and working from home.

    Military spouses are incredible people.

    Seriously. I hope your spouse appreciates all the hard work, loyalty, strength, and determination that it takes to be in that very unique role. If they don’t (or even if they do) I’m here to virtually pat you on the back -- you’re amazing! What a tough/rewarding/challenging/ and ultimately amazing learning experience it is.

    So many of these same characteristics make military spouses unique positioned, and uniquely successful, at being able to face to the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

    Don’t think you have the guts to run a business?

    Think about that time you moved across the country and didn’t know a single soul, only to meet your bff for life and thrive in the new environment? Think about when you hugged his neck and watched your husband get on the bus to deploy, and you were stationed 26 hours away from your family and had just arrived from a PCS two months before. Scary business goals? Pshhh. You’ve got more guts than you know what to do with.

    Don’t think you can put yourself out there like that?

    Is this even a question? Think about walking into that first FRG meeting to introduce yourself to a new leader and other spouses in the company. Think about interviewing for a job in a totally new town. You’re putting yourself out there all the time. It’s a basic necessity of military a life, and you’re a master at it.

    Military wives are rockstars. I was and am constantly in awe of the women behind the scenes who hold it all together.

    Here are some characteristics military spouses have that make them amazing entrepreneurs:

    1. Grit

      Ever met a military spouse who curled up in a ball and couldn’t handle it when it got tough? Yeah, me either. Military wives have a unique ability to keep on going when the going gets tough -- which is an awesome skill set to have as an entrepreneur. I love being an entrepreneur. I eat, drink, and breath business, marketing, and leadership podcasts and books. Seriously, I thrive on this stuff. But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been times that I’ve wanted to chuck it all out the window, hang out on my couch, and watch Real Housewives all day. Entrepreneurship is hard, and adding it into the flux of military life can make it harder. But your position as a military spouse makes you all the more qualified to tough it out and succeed

    2. Determination

      I’ve never met a more driven, determined group of people than the Army wives I met while my husband was active duty. Determined to succeed, determined to go after their goals, and with a stubborn desire to excel at every position they were in, from CEOs of companies to volunteer FRG leaders. You won’t see a military wife passively giving up when it gets hard. We are conditioned to set goals and chase after them, and determined to accomplish them.

    3. Creativity

      By virtue of necessity, military spouses have a creative and imaginative way of dealing with whatever life throws at them. Household goods haven’t arrived in time for Christmas? That’s ok...we’ll make a tree out of felt and paper. No furniture for weeks while goods are stuck in transit? We’ll make do and camp in the living room. Military spouses have a flexibility to deal with situations that change often and dramatically, and have creative solutions to almost any problem under the sun. Entrepreneurs also need to be able to creatively imagine new products, problem solve solutions to inventory issues, and calmly and cheerfully respond to unhappy customers.  

    4. Strength

      Ultimately, it all boils down to this. Military wives the strongest people around. We have the fortitude to deal with a lifestyle and challenges that other people never even dream of - and to do it all as a sacrifice to our husband’s career (happily, least most of the time). This strength will carry through as an entrepreneur - in the way that you deal with setbacks, in the way that you handle customers, and in the goals that you set for yourself and your business.

    Being a military spouse and Etsy shop owner are a match made in Heaven -- the very same traits that have made you a successful military spouse will be a huge boost to your ability to be an entrepreneur. Being a business person can be taught -- and I can teach you that -- but being a strong, determined, driven person with the grit to stick with something is a unique characteristic that will set you on the path to success in anything you do.

    I’m super excited to announce that I am offering military spouse scholarships for the VIP Etsy Roadmap to Success 8 week training course (plus one on one training!) on how to take your Etsy shop from a side gig to a full time income. If you are a military spouse and would like to apply, please visit the scholarship application page.