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    Etsy Blitz Week Day 5

    Driving Traffic and Etsy SEO

    Hey guys! Welcome to our final day of Etsy Blitz Week.

    I am super excited about all that we have covered this week. I’ve loved hearing your feedback and hearing about all the ways that these lessons have changed your thinking, and changed the way you’re approaching your Etsy shop going forward.

    Today is going to be a little different, because we are going to talk about something that is more step by step and immediately actionable. If you’ve been hanging out with me for any length of time at all, you know that I LOVE actionable plans. I love walking you through things step by step so that you can take that information and attack the problem in front of you. And so we are going to talk about Etsy SEO and getting found in the search.

    But first, I want to recap all that we have talked about this week and show you a little behind the scenes of my signature program Etsy Setup Success, which is NOW OPEN for enrollment.

    As of 9am this morning the doors opened for my course Etsy Setup Success, and I am really excited about this.

    As you know who have been around for a second, I have worked really hard to make sure that this program is exactly what you need to get started and be successful in the foundation of your Etsy shop.

    This program is a month long (4 week) program that walks through figuring out who your customer and how your products can appeal to those customers, making your shop stand out from the vast amount of shops on Etsy so that you can see success in your sales, and really diving into how to Etsy search works and how your customers can find your products on the platform.

    I have two options available for people that want to enroll depending on how much group coaching interaction you want and what your price range is. I want this to be accessible for everyone, so there is a self study option that is a cheaper and then a group coaching option that is a little more expensive but offers access to a FB group, weekly live Q&As and a deep dive bonus suite that addresses various topics people struggle with. If you want to enroll in that program RIGHT NOW, you can head over to Etsy Setup and sign up for it today.

    To recap Etsy Blitz Week, over the last few days we have talked about figuring out what to sell on Etsy and narrowing down your products to create a niche market. Then we talked about what’s holding you back from getting started. The number thing that I hear you all say holds you back. Then we talked about the fact that you guys are busy people and you feel like you don’t have the time to start and Etsy shop. We talked about why you don’t have the time, and how to create that margin so that you can find the time. And today we’re going to go through an SEO lesson so you can learn what makes a difference in your listings that helps them to get recognized in search.

    The biggest problem I see new sellers having when they're starting on Etsy is that they simply aren't getting enough traffic to their shop to make any sales.

    Sales is kind of a number game in general, and the more traffic that you drive to your shop, the more likely that one of those people is going to make the decision to buy your item and become your customer. If you don't have any traffic or very very low traffic numbers like 10 visits a day to your shop or something, your chances of having somebody that takes that leap and makes a purchase from your shop is pretty low just based on the statistics of it.

    The easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to drive traffic to your Etsy Shop is by mastering your Etsy search engine optimization. And having consistent, decent levels of traffic headed to your shop, is really the cornerstone of your business that allows your shop to grow.

    SEO will allow the Etsy search engine to find your products when people are looking for something to shop for.  This is great for you as a business owner, because the people that are shopping on Etsy are already ready to buy.

    Unlike if I’m trying to drive traffic from a different platform off of Etsy like social media, IG, whatever, the people that are searching on Etsy are ready to make a purchase on Etsy. As long as you can get your product in front of them, their chances of making a purchase and going all the way through to check out are much higher.

    So how do you get your product in front of them with the search engine optimization? Is this something that you struggle with or something that you find to be confusing? If so, I want you to comment with emoji that shows how you feel about SEO.

    Etsy tells us that there are  three main factors that go into the search engine optimization.

    • The first one is your title.

    • The next one is your tags.

    • The next one is the attributes in the listing.

    There is one final part that is a little bit more of a gray area and we aren’t going to dive into much today, but has to do with some other more minor factors like offering free shipping and having a faster turnaround time until your products ship out. These are not directly related to search engine optimization, but they do have a pull within the Etsy system to bump up your listing for more visibility.

    Search engine optimization is not exactly an intuitive thing though, and it's definitely something that you have to learn how to do. So how do you write a title, tags, and use the attributes to help get found in search?

    A key part of rocking your SEO for your listings is thinking like your buyer. What is your buyer searching for when they're looking on Etsy for products like yours, not necessarily your specific product?

    • Are they searching for a gift for a holiday?  

    • Are they looking to buy for a specific person in their lives?

    • Are they searching for a style or genre of something like art?

    You need to  be able to get into the mind of your customers and think like them in order to use the words that they're using when they're looking for your products. It's also good to think outside the box of just describing exactly what your product is when you're writing your titles, to attract a broader range of people.

    A lot of times people are looking for something for a holiday for example, but they don't have something necessarily totally specific in mind that they're wanting. If your item fits the bill of something that would fit in that category it can be helpful to optimize your search engine words so that the potential customers are able to find it and the search puts it in front of them as an option to buy.

    The second part of this once you get your title written is that your tags need to match your title exactly. so if you have something like Mother's Day earrings in your title, you also need to have a tag that says Mother's Day earrings. Not earrings for Mother's Day or  Mother's Day silver earrings, you need the exact words in exact order.

    If your tags happened to be more than 20 characters which is the limit for a tag in the ETsy system,  it is a good idea to break it up into two tags but still have the words in the exact same order. The order of words within the tag is important, however the order of the tags themselves is not important.

    The last part of what Etsy has told us is important for SEO is those attributes. These are probably the easiest part  are the SEO on the Etsy search engine because it's just a drop down box that you need to fill out on your listings. In most listings it's important to fill out as many of them as you can. These include things like holidays, occasions, size, colors, Etc. but they are pretty self explanatory in the listing.

    If SEO is something that you struggle with and you really find it to be overwhelming, I hope that you will consider enrolling in Etsy Setup Success, which like I said, is currently open to enrollment.

    I have an entire module about Etsy SEO in this program, where I walk you through how to do keyword research, the programs that I use to figure out what keywords are popular and how to develop a keyword wordbank, how I use those keywords to maximize my titles, and how all those things work together to drive traffic to my shop - not just when I’m online doing active promoting of my shop, which honestly I hardly ever even do any of, but all the time - even when I’m sleeping or on vacation.

    Mastering that Etsy SEO can really change the course of your business, and spending the time and money to invest in a guide who truly understands the SEO is going to fasttrack your success.

    I truly hope that Etsy Blitz Week has been as fun and informative for you all as it has for me. I’ve enjoyed seeing you every day and interacting with everyone that came live for these trainings!

    If you are wanting more of the step by step, hand-holding teaching that I think makes my course so special, I invite you to check out and enroll in the course.

    There are two options for it -- a self study version that allows you access to the SAME information at a cheaper price, and the VIP option which provides even more valuable coaching, a whole host of bonuses like a deep dive into writing descriptions, pricing handmade, Etsy shipping, and more, access to a private FB group, and weekly live Q&As with me.

    I wanted to make sure this course could fit any budget, so check out the page with all the information, and choose the one that best fits your needs. I KNOW this course is going to change your business, and I can’t wait for us to begin together April 3.

    Remember, doors close April 2 at midnight, so don’t delay!

    I’ll see you all soon! Bye for now!