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    Your Top 3 Etsy Questions Answered

    Your Top 3 Etsy Questions Answered

    How do I get started on Etsy or I don’t know where to start

    • Think like a business from the get-go

      • research names for your shop

      • Figure out your business “spin”

      • Think about time/material investments

      • Spend time on shop set-up

      • Think about your customers

    • Think long term but allow some flexibility

    • Don’t get stuck in perfectionism

    How do I get more traffic to my shop or how do I get found?

    • Master SEO

    • Think about what your dream customer would be looking for

    • Think about things your dream customer would like other than your product

    • Build a keyword bank

    How do I get more engagement with my brand?

    1. Work on Descriptions

    2. Work on IG account

    3. Inclusions:

      • Coupon for return customer

      • Liking on FB or IG

      • Give a name to your tribe or your followers

      • Giveaway or contest

      • Personal note

    Links: to join FB group for more support and help