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    Crickets to Cha-Chings, Episode 003

    How to be successful on Etsy - you must master these 5 things if you want to be successful long term in your Etsy shop. #etsymarketing #etsycoach #etsyhelp

    5 Things you MUST master to be successful on Etsy

    • Building a brand

    The main difference between a brand and just a random assortment of products that you are selling is that brands have personality. In today’s world of social media, people want personality to go along with their products, because it allows them to “know” who they are buying from rather than just buying from a faceless entity.

    Case study - Think of brands like Target who have created an online persona to go along with their branding and how that has grown over the past 10 - 20 years.

    Another benefit to having a brand over just having products - Brands can change and grow. They can change direction, add new items, etc.

    Brands can draw you in even when you aren’t trying to sell - build a community around the brand and the vision, like TOMS shoes. Gives a higher purpose, even if that is entertainment.

    Brands can pivot dramatically - allows you to grow and pivot and change as you need to, or monetize in a different way than you originally set out.

    Podcast recommendation - Jenna Kutcher “Goal Digger” episode 059.

    • Pricing

    Making sure you are accounting for all aspects of the business

    • Start up costs

    • Maintenance costs

    • Etsy fees

    • Any advertising or sponsored content

    • Giveaways

    • Packaging materials

    • Supplies and inventory

    • And YOUR TIME -- don’t discount your time

    • SEO

    SEO is the cornerstone to your success on Etsy. It is the strategy that I dive into deepest in my Etsy Setup Success course, and it is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to drive buyers to your shop.

    Etsy tells us -

    • SEO is made up of titles, tags and attributes.

    • Long tail keywords, use all titles

    • Tags and titles must match

    • Attributes are easy to fill in, get creative with places that you aren’t sure what fits

    • Community

    In 2019, I think that it is very important to build a community around your brand. Can do this on: Facebook, a blog, an email list, or my favorite IG. For etsy sellers I recommend IG.

    Community allows you to have hype and support around your brand. Giveaways, sales will be more successful. You can get feedback from buyers about ways to move forward, what they like, what they don’t like. They can vote about new products, colors, patterns, etc.

    Allows you to develop a relationship with your buyer, and for them to see you as a person behind the brand you’ve created.

    • Business

    Even if you’re not a numbers person, you must become a numbers person. Need to be able to look at:

    • Analytics

    • Promoted Listings

    • Facebook Ads

    • Stats over time

    • Profits and Costs

    Make sure you are running this as a business - if you are running it as a hobby, it will bring in hobby money and hobby sales.

    Running a business requires you to do things that sometimes creative people struggle with - making the same thing over and over again, not making all kinds of new products all the time, not making exactly what you want in the way that you want it.

    Business must listen to customers, get feedback, and take it constructively (most of the time).