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     Creative Mom Boss

    Crickets to Cha-Chings Episode 002

    Where to start if you are brand new to Etsy. What things should you work on, where you should NOT waste your time, and my best tips for getting started. #etsy #etsymarketing #etsysales #etsytips #etsyhelp

    Where to start if you are brand new to Etsy

    In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about where to start if you are brand new to Etsy. Have you been wanting to start an Etsy shop for quite some time, but you just don’t know how to narrow down the handmade items that you like to make in order to have a cohesive shop? Or do you currently have a shop with a wide variety of items, but you feel like maybe it doesn’t flow together so well?

    In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

    • Why you should narrow down the focus of your shop

    • How to decide where you should start with items that you currently make, and what you should not include in your shop

    • How to get started with in person events to survey your potential customers

    • Why you shouldn’t be intimidated by competition in the marketplace, and what it really means for you

    • What I wish I could have done differently if I could go back in time, and how I maximized my shop for higher profits

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